Show some love for Skullgirls 2nd Encore and this Umbrella Palette and Voice Pack.

The girl ..
.. and her music!

She is somewhat of a carefree, albeit spoiled child.

Hungern prefers spicy food.

  • During the IndieGoGo campaign, the art team consistently drew a very disgruntled Umbrella in pictures about DLC. This is a reference to the fact she was snubbed as a first-round DLC character by Big Band.
  • In one of the concept art images of Umbrella’s moveset she is seen saying “Is Umbrella gonna have to choke a bitch?” this is a reference to Wayne Brady’s line from The Chappelle Show.
    • This was also referenced in her trailer, albeit worded differently.
  • Umbrella is seen dancing with Adam in the background of the Glass Canopy stage.
  • In a drawing stream, one of her moves looks like Venom’s Venom Fang.
  • Umbrella’s level 1 Blockbuster Retina Reflector references Urien and his special move Aegis Reflector from the Street Fighter games.
  • Umbrella’s hurt animations show Hungern taking the attack just like Rachel Alucard from Blazblue. Him falling down just shows her getting tired since Hungren is the one taking all the attacks.
  • A small attention to detail in one of Umbrella’s intros is when she feeds Hungern ice cream and the hunger meter rises in a small proportion.
  • If the 30th palette, being Marie’s palette (or at least a palette where Umbrella IS the Skullgirl) is paired with the Skullgirl Voice Pack :
    • Most of Umbrella attacks will spew skeleton parts (similar to Valentine’s time-out)
    • A Skeleton will spawn in front of a defeated Umbrella for crying with her
    • Along other possible things !

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