Blanka and Sakura in Fortnite. Someone?

To help celebrate the 35th anniversary for Capcom’s Street Fighter series, two more characters are temporarily coming to Fortnite — Blanka and Sakura. What’s interesting is that both characters are getting alternate costumes in addition to their iconic default looks. Blanka’s alternate costume is particularly unique as it hasn’t appeared as an alternate costume in a Street Fighter title before.

From April 28th, players can visit the Item Shop and purchase the Blanka Outfit, which comes with the Blanka Delgado alt Style and Blanka-Chan Back Bling, as well as the Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe. In addition, players can grab the Sakura Outfit, which comes with the Sakura Gym alt Style and built-in Sakura’s Victory Sway Emote.

Fortnite adding Blanka and Sakura from Street Fighter – EGM

‘Corporate Blanka’ and ‘Gym Sakura’ are coming to Fortnite on April 28, 2022

Epic Games also announced the Blanka and Sakura Cup, which is coming in two flavors: a mobile-only Zero Build Solo Cup on April 27th and a Battle Royale Solo Cup for all platforms on April 28th. The top-performing players in each version for each cup will receive the Bonus Stage Loading Screen.

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