Late summer 2022 for LEGO Brawls.

LEGO Brawls delayed to late summer, physical version confirmed

Lego Brawls is a brick-themed brawler coming to consoles in late Summer 2022 –

LEGO Brawls brings the minifig fight to consoles this summer

Bandai Namco will bring LEGO Brawls, a “family-friendly” brawler, to consoles this summer, including a physical release. While the exact date is up in the air, the fighting game is heading to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with pre-orders pointing to a $40 price tag.

LEGO Brawls has been delayed, with the game now set for late summer. It was previously on track for a June release.

In true LEGO fashion, LEGO Brawls gives players a slew of customization options to mix and match official LEGO bricks and create unique minifigure brawlers, complete with custom loadouts and power-ups tailored to each player’s preference and play style. Players can compete with everything from baguettes and pie cannons to boomboxes and rocket fists. With a range of multiplayer modes, unique challenges, and win conditions, all members of the family can join in the competitive brick-bashing fun.

Players in LEGO Brawls can compete for bragging rights with friends and family or go for global glory as they climb to the top of online leaderboards. Multiplayer modes in the game allow local play for up to eight players on Xbox and Switch, and up to four players on PlayStation. Online modes allow for eight-player matches and co-op between two to four players. A variety of fan-favorite LEGO themes and sets are available as colorful backdrops, making this the ultimate team brawler for LEGO fans of all ages.

LEGO Brawls was created by Red Games Co., a family-friendly game maker, and publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that the console versions will have local and online multiplayer. There’s support for eight players online and up to eight players offline for Nintendo Switch and Xbox. PlayStation, meanwhile, caps out at four local players.

This may very well be your first time hearing about this game, as it was for me. That said, it’s another case of the every-so-often Apple Arcade effect. LEGO Brawls debuted on iOS platforms via Apple Arcade in 2019, and it has been updated over 20 times since its launch with new levels, modes, and seasonal content sprinkled in. Another mobile-turned-console game, LEGO Builder’s Journey, recently had a similar trajectory.

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