Jenny, Hugh Neutron and Rocko Reveal trailer for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Jenny Wakeman | Nickelodeon | Fandom

Hugh Neutron | Jimmy Neutron Wiki | Fandom

Rocko Rama | Rocko’s Modern Life Wiki | Fandom

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl DLC: Jenny XJ-9, Hugh Neutron, Rocko are coming – 24sSports

Jenny, Hugh Neutron and Rocko announced for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

No voices.. !

Jenny Wakeman:

Thanks to having advanced artificial intelligence, Jenny’s personality is that of an eager, young, tomboyish teenager. She desires a sense of freedom but also wants acceptance from her peers. She generally possesses a kind personality and likes anything pertaining to teenage activities, but becomes agitated when her mother or her duties get in her way of her enjoyment.

Unfortunately, being kind and sweet, she is easily trusting of others and, as a result, can be quite naive. The Crust Cousins, Brit and Tiff, have often taken advantage of this for self-gain or to humiliate Jenny. Despite this, she can also be mischievous, hotheaded, careless, and stubborn at times, but always learns from her mistakes.

In her duties as a crime fighter and global responder, she is vigilant and determined to get the job done, though she can be reckless and quick to jump the gun in very few instances.

Hugh Neutron:

Hugh’s personality seems to be on the quirky side of things and is the sort of person who prefers to do things his way. Despite his odd quirks and absent-mindedness, he is fatherly, caring, well-meaning, and good natured. He absolutely loves ducks and pie.

He is shown to be forgetful at some times like in “The Feud“, when he forgets that his neighbor and Carl’s father, Ebenezer Wheezer had already returned his lawn lopper weeks ago and later lent it to Sam Melvick. This caused him and Ebenezer to start a feud with each other and separate their kids from each other. He later remembers after Sheen was paid by Sam to send him a message through his Reach Out and Touch A Friend Program, revealing that Sam had his lawn lopper the whole time, and that both families (excluding Jimmy and Carl) had started a feud with each other all for nothing.

Sometimes, Hugh causes the show’s problem when he messes with Jimmy‘s inventions. Hugh seems dim-witted, but is actually very clever and competent (which Jimmy has obviously inherited). He loves to clean and polish his models of ducks and sometimes will even talk to them. He calls his wife by the nickname “Sugar Booger”. Hugh may have taken gymnastics at one point, as he uses this to evade Poultra in “The Eggpire Strikes Back.” In the movie, he was fairly intelligent, hardly showing signs of any odd behaviors. For the rest of the franchise however, he quickly became the typical bumbling, but well-meaning and supportive dad. In spite of his odd behavior, his family respects and love him very much.


Although personally hygienic, polite, caring and practical, Rocko has an almost pathological tendency to neglect his living space and he has anger management issues. Rocko enjoys collecting comic books and likes rainbows. Jean Prescott of The Sun Herald described Rocko as a “pudgy little wallaby” who tries to “do what’s right” and is devoted to his friends Heffer and Filburt as well as his dog Spunky.

Common Sense Media reviewer Andrea Graham, whose review is posted on, describes Rocko as “paranoid and obsessed with cleanliness” and that he initially perceives his neighbors to be “loud and messy.” Graham describes Rocko as accepting of his neighbors’ faults and seeing the positive qualities within them; unfortunately, that has also led him to become a bit of a doormat in the eyes of others (no matter how many times a person wrongs him, he always forgives them, despite knowing they will wrong him again in the future). In an early character profile presented to the networks, Murray described Rocko as “a young anthropomorphic Woody Allen, who has just moved away from his home into a surrealistic world.”

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