First gameplay trailer, costumes and release date revealed for Geese Howard, Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki in The King of Fighters 15

Billy Kane | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Ryuji Yamazaki | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Geese Howard | SNK Wiki | Fandom

DLC characters Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Ryuji Yamazaki join KOF XV on May 17th, 2022! They also include an EXTRA costume for your enjoyment!

Billy Kane:

While Billy cannot be considered a “good guy”, he is not an “evil” man; his criminal career is motivated more by a desire to make easy money and his respect for Geese Howard than actual malice. His softer side is often shown when he’s with his sister Lilly or friends Eiji Kisaragi and Blue Mary; even his hatred for Terry Bogard has softened to be much more of a rivalry.

While his hatred of Terry Bogard may have softened over the years, Billy has a deep hatred for Iori Yagami. During the ending of The King of Fighters ’95, Iori beat both Billy and Eiji Kisaragi to near death and then abandoned them. Billy is also very bitter towards Joe Higashi, who took a liking to his sister, of whom he is quite protective.

Ryuji Yamazaki:

Yamazaki has psychopathic tendencies with a love for materialistic articles and money. He has two distinct personas, both malevolent: most of the time he is a calm and calculating gangster, while sometimes he turns into a hysterical lunatic killer who likes to bash, smash, cut, and kill everyone and anyone whom he confronts. These savagely cruel mannerisms were borne out of witnessing his father figure die in the worst way possible.

While not completely amoral, he is not above toying around as much as he likes to emphasize his dominating demeanor to anyone he encounters.

Of curious note is how Yamazaki subconsciously keeps his right hand in his pocket because his idol once praised the power of that particular fist, and only uses it for special techniques.

He doesn’t want to be involved with Orochi and the Hakkesshu and has been rebuked for his disinterest during the events of KOF97. Through his own sheer will and stubbornness, he manages to retain his mind against the Riot of the Blood‘s influence, something that others born under the Orochi blood cannot accomplish. Whenever he encounters any version of the ’97 New Faces Team in any of their game appearances, Yamazaki laughs hysterically at them during their special introduction sequences, perhaps because he thinks of them as “weak” or “pathetic” for being under such influence.

Geese Howard:

Geese is a proud man who considers himself a mighty warrior and as such thinks highly of himself. He craves power in all of its forms: from money to immortality, a desire influenced by various tragedies in his childhood, from losing his mother to being estranged as a stepson. He can be quite vengeful as well, as he holds grudges against Krauser and Jeff, whom he later killed. Despite appearing to be heartless however, he has his own code of honor and there are lines that even he will not cross; never underestimating his opponents, especially after suffering defeat from Terry. He will crush anyone who stands in his way and reward those he deems worthy of his respect, or in the case of Billy, whoever he sympathizes with.

He appears to show respect to Tung Fu Rue despite their histories, even if he is sometimes sarcastic about it, as seen in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and more recently in The King of Fighters XIV.

He has a fascination with Japan, often adorning the Japanese decorum on the Geese Tower rooftop with American flags, and has assimilated some Nipponese culture as a result.

Whether because of ambition or to simply keep them from possible harm, he was apparently distant from his personal family, ignoring Rock’s pleas to help Marie in her sickness until she reportedly passed away. As a result, this earned him Rock’s indignation and the latter’s devotion to stay away from his shadow.

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