Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Black Dahlia Alpha Trailer.

First look at Black Dahlia’s gameplay in Skullgirls revealed

Skullgirls is headed to Xbox but, more importantly, here’s Black Dahlia

The game is still alive!!

A mysterious woman who is at least partially mechanical, Black Dahlia has risen through the ranks of the Medici Mafia‘s minions to become one of Lorenzo Medici‘s top enforcers. When she’s not acting as his personal bodyguard, she’s being sent on the most important and heinous missions for the Medicis. Beyond that, little is known about her, but she has worked for Lorenzo for at least fourteen years (likely more, since she appears to be highly-ranked even then). The mask she wears obscures her face in all known photographs.

Little is known of Black Dahlia’s backstory, beyond a few details of her past alliance to the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. Many years ago her body was grievously injured, but due to the efforts of Anti-Skullgirl Labs founder Dr. Geiger,  she was rebuilt with a formidable armament of projectile weaponry. Black Dahlia’s time in the Labs drove her mad, as she used to be a lot different and had a different name before becoming an assassin.  Much like Big Band, she was a veteran ASG agent who resided within the labs years before the parasite experimentation that would eventually birth Peacock and Painwheel took place and as such she too is not equipped with a synethic parasite. Black Dahlia eventually went rogue from the Anti-Skullgirl Labs and now works as a seasoned assassin for the Medici Mafia.

Closer to the events of the game, Black Dahlia was sent to pursue the Fishbone Gang following their theft of the Life Gem. She killed them all, cut them into pieces, and dropped the remains in the bay of Little Innsmouth. Unbeknownst to Dahlia at the time, one member of the gang – Nadia Fortune – survived her fate, having consumed and bonded with the Life Gem prior to her “demise”.

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