Virtua Fighter V: Ultimate Shodown x Tekken 7 – Officicial Collaboration Pack Trailer.

Tekken is coming to Virtua Fighter 5 as awesome DLC collaboration trailer shows off tons of exciting details

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(2) Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown x Tekken 7 – Official Collaboration Pack Trailer – YouTube

So Virtua Fighter6??

As you can see from the trailer above the costumes are very distinctive, making them easily recognisable for Tekken fans. Some of the costumes include Heihachi, Bob, Bryan, Jin, King, Armor King, Paul, Nina and Kazuya. This is likely the closest we will get to a Virtua Fighter X Tekken crossover title. After all, we never did get Tekken X Street Fighter.

The “Tekken 7 Collaboration Pack” includes:

  • 19 Tekken 7 character costumes.
    • When equipping Tekken 7 costumes, character customization is not supported.
  • 20 Tekken 7 background music tracks.
  • Tekken 7 battle user interface.
    • Tekken 7 theme remade specifically for this title.
  • Two Tekken 7 collaboration titles.
    • These titles are added to the “Other” category within title settings.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is available now for PlayStation 4.

Virtua Fighter 5 is getting a Tekken twist as a Tekken-themed collaboration DLC pack is rolling out for the game on June 1.

No fewer than 19 of the King of Iron Fist combatants will be visually represented in Virtua Fighter 5 via brand new skins that turn characters like Akira and Lau into Kazuya and Heihachi. There’s even more than skins, however, and the new trailer below tells all.

To further add to the feel of this crossover, we’ll also be getting 20 background tracks from Tekken 7 to listen to while the three dimensional fighting rages on.

For those who want an even more complete submersion, you’ll actually have the ability to change the Virtua Fighter 5 user interface into Tekken 7’s.

This means aspects such as life bar displays, round indicators, and title fonts will all mimic what we see in T7.

The Tekken characters represented in this DLC bundle include the aforementioned Kazuya and Heihachi as well as Bryan, Lili, King, Armor King, Marduck, Paul, Asuka, Lucky Chloe, Nina, Jin, Bob, Lars, Raven, Violet, Claudio, and Eddy.

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