Granblue Fantasy: Versus version 2.80. So what’s coming June 3?

Granblue Fantasy: Versus version 2.80 update launches June 3; ‘New Game Mechanics’ trailer – Gematsu

Granblue Fantasy Versus 2.80 patch notes released, new system mechanics also detailed in introduction video

  • Tactical Move: Rush – “Rush” is an aggressive dash that consumes 50 percent of the SBA gauge. Use it to close the distance between you and your opponent. Dash is strike-invincible just after startup. However, projectiles are still effective. Perfect your timing to dodge and approach at the same time. The maneuver can also be linked with normal attacks for combo extension.
  • Tactical Move: Backshift – “Backshift” is a defensive backstep that consumes 50 percent of your SBA gauge. It provides invincibility from startup onward. Activate with a regular press, or by holding back and L2. This will allow you to rise and Backshift almost simultaneously, avoiding okizeme. Use this technique to open up distance.
  • Overdrive
    • Overdrive is a once per round mega buff. Ready to use when the SBA gauge reaches 100 percent and the Overdrive icon begins flashing. Invincible on startup, it’s useful for evasion. Receive various enhancements while the Overdrive gauge is active, such as:
      • Attack up
      • Chip damage on attacks
      • Nullify opponent’s chip damage
      • Enhanced overhead
      • Enhanced simple commands
      • SBA and SSBA activation
    • Unleash your SBA or SSBA at any time (resets Overdrive gauge to 0). The Overdrive gauge depletes over time. Taking damage will also result in losing one-third of your Overdrive gauge.

General Changes

Walk Speed
– Walk speed is now faster (except for Ferry and Metera).

Backwards Recovery
– The overall move time has been reduced, putting it in line with “Neutral Recovery” (The distance moved backwards has also been slightly reduced).

Command inputs during hitstop
– The priority system for commands during inputs has been changed. Previously, the system prioritized “latest input”, but now it will instead prioritize via the input priority system in place in the game normally. When two moves that have the same level of priority are read as input, the move which was input later will be proritized..

– For characters which have two Skybound Arts, the CPU will now prioritize using the Strike version of said Skybound Art. For example, Ladiva will now use the Love Max Bomber (Strike version) and Ferry will now use Vergiften.

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