SNK All-Star fight, Fall 2022 in Japan.

Nuverse had previously revealed the Chinese and English versions of the crossover mobile game. It held a closed beta test for the English release on May 17-26, 2022.

『SNK Fight! 最強への道』クローズドベータテストの参加募集スタート。『KOF』『メタルスラッグ』『サムライスピリッツ』などのキャラクターたちが激突! | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com

SNK: All-Star Fight – CBT Impressions/Is It Legit? | TapTap

SNK: All-Star Fight Will Launch in Fall 2022 in Japan – Siliconera

SNK: All-Star Fight will be an RPG featuring characters from SNK franchises depicted in 3D with cel-shading. The roster will feature not only the company’s fighting games like The King of FightersSamurai Shodown, and The Last Blade, but also the run-and-gun game series Metal Slug.

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