We’re going for a lot of SF6 news until 2023, first is GUILE!! and his hair.

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Guile Confirmed For Street Fighter 6 In New Summer Game Fest Trailer – GameSpot

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Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6 introducing playable character Guile.

“[Guile] went home to become a family man, but now a new mission awaits,” Capcom said. “Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 combines his signature moves with fresh additions. He is one powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance.”

SONIC BOOM! Guile returns in #StreetFighter6 when it lands in 2023.
☑️ Nifty Comb
☑️ New Jumpsuit
☑️ Flash Kicks Galore
He went home to become a family man, but now a new mission awaits.
✈️ https://t.co/TeNl2pTAbd pic.twitter.com/IWi8FXzd1R — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 9, 2022

Enjoy this exclusive first gameplay of CAPCOM’s @StreetFighter 6 AND a special character reveal! #SummerGameFest pic.twitter.com/VMTKqbBHKt

— Summer Game Fest – Today (@summergamefest) June 9, 2022

Guile’s Street Fighter 6 move list includes:

Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) – The classic backflip kick
Sonic Boom – Guile’s main projectile ability
Sonic Blade – A stationary aerial slash
Sonic Hurricane – A massive aerial slash that lands directly ahead or diagonally upwards
Solid Puncher – Fires a flurry of small Sonic Boom projectiles
Crossfire Somersault – A brand new Super Art that fires a massive aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick

Guile’s classic stage is also reimagined here in Street Fighter 6. Instead of taking place at an Air Force base, the new backdrop sees combatants slugging it out on an anchored aircraft carrier at sea that will feature “mid-flight planes, a multicultural collection of flags, and a posse of cheerful onlookers.”

The most intriguing part of Street Fighter 6 is the single-player mode. Supposedly an “immersive” story experience, the main campaign sees you roaming the streets of Metro City—famously the setting of Capcom’s Final Fight—in search of battles, presumably with iconic series characters. Who knows? Maybe we can train with Chun-Li or Ryu. Unfortunately, Ken Masters may not be the most capable teacher right now, since the blonde-haired Shotokan has fallen on hard times in Street Fighter 6.

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