New statue for Mai Shiranui incoming.

不知火舞(通常カラー) | STUDIO24 store

『餓狼伝説SPECIAL』より“不知火舞”が初々しい姿で立体化。2PカラーVer.も。前入金特典としてステージポスターやロゴステッカーが付属、送料無料に | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com

Series name "THE KING OF COLLECTORS '24"
    Product name: THE KING OF COLLECTORS'24 No.3
    "Mai Shiranui" (normal color)
    Price: ¥ 16,300 (¥ 17,930 including tax)
    Release: November 2022
    Prototype: Θ [Sita] Coloring: Miura Yuichi
    Size: Height approx. 16 cm
    Material: PVC, ABS (pedestal)
    Set contents ・ Figure body, A3 poster for background, sticker for background, dedicated pedestal
    Package specifications: window box
    Scheduled to end orders: End of June 2022
    Ordering site: In addition to the STUDIO24 online shop, it is also available at Amazon and many other shops. Please make a reservation at an affordable place!

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