You can’t stop DNF Duel to show us new fighters.

The DNF Duel Enchantress Trailer Shows Off Her Puppet – Siliconera

Will the DNF Duel Enchantress bewitch you in battle? – Destructoid

Enchantress is here to tug on your heart strings quite literally in her bewitching DNF Duel trailer

you’re my new favorite.

In Dungeon Fighter Online, the Enchantress is a subclass of the Female Mage. She’s known for her puppeteer skills and fighting with dolls. This trait returns for DNF Duel, as the Enchantress introduction even shows her carrying the bunny doll Happy and summoning Madd. Once the fight begins, she attacks by swinging a broom, casting spells, and using Happy and Madd to attack alongside her.

Bedecked in Gothic-Lolita fashions and wearing an equally heavy look of mischief, Enchantress might be the smallest and youngest competitor to enter the DNF Duel ring, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in frightening black magic abilities. An expert in the ways of voodoo and the dark arts, Enchantress is able to conjure up projectiles and other weaponry twice her size, while also holding her own in CQC thanks to her super cute broomstick.

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