Lost Warrior is DNF Duel’s last boss.

Unlock Lost Warrior DNF Duel

How To Unlock Lost Warrior In DNF Duel

How to Unlock Lost Warrior in DNF Duel | DiamondLobby

Lost Warrior revealed for DNF Duel as the game’s boss and final roster member in new trailer

To unlock this interesting and complex character, you just need to complete the Story mode with any of the 15 already playable fighters. This mode consists of nine chapters that tell you the story of the character you chose.

Lore:An entity that presents hardships to the Adventurer on behalf of Plane: The Gate. His name forgotten due to remaining in a realm where there exists no being to call for him, he wanders about with parts of his memory missing.
On the outside, he looks like a warrior fresh out of battle, with scars decorating the parts of his skin that were not covered in garments.
He uses a single worn blade, and an unfathomable power capable of interfering with space and time flows out from the large void in his abdomen.

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