Fight of Steel is available.

In the ” Fight of Steel 鋼鐵之鬪開發中繼 PV ” ( 開発中繼 PV ) (video in development), we are introduced to what kind of game “Fight of Steel” is with the latest video.
The video shows how you can customize your steel fighter by changing parts, colors , and move sets, as well as the single-player Story Mode, Challenger Mode, and Online Match.
You can also see how the game modes, such as single-player story mode, challenger mode, and online matches, allow you to use flashy and powerful special moves easily by assigning buttons.
The controls have been simplified, and at the same time, the new ” EX Special Moves ” and ” Overdrive ” system can be used, so it seems that even veteran gaming players will be able to enjoy the game.

‘Fight of Steel’ – A Fighter Filled With Customizable Machines

Open β test of “Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior” is here! Taiwan’s two biggest professional gamers “Five Crotch Oil King” “ET” appeared in the game! – funglr Games

Digital Crafter ” is a Taiwanese indie game studio famous for ” Fight of Animals “, a fighting game based on the motif of animals that has become an internet meme.

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior lets you craft the look and moves of your battle machine, giving you plenty of options to create a warrior unique to yourself.

With all the humans gone, it looks like robots have to take up the job of beating the hell out of each other for flimsy reasons. You’ve had your memory wiped, and everyone’s out to give you a hard time. If you clobber enough machines, maybe you can get some answers in the Tower. You can be fluid with how you mangle your way there, too, as your robot can be equipped with Martial Arts Chips, which are moves for the character. This means you’ll custom-build your character with a set of attacks that work well for you, letting you really create a style that suits your natural skills.

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