Your new friend in Brawlhalla is here, the name’s Ezio!

Brawlhalla Adds Ezio From Assassin’s Creed To Roster

Two legendary characters are joining Brawlhalla on July 27. Ezio, the Master Assassin, is ready with his Sword & Orb as the 56th Legend! Also, Eivor joins as an Epic Crossover & they bring some other AC goodies. Play Brawlhalla free now:

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighter, originally released as an early access title back in 2014. The game was of course inspired by the ever-popular Smash Brothers series, which once stood as the sole proprietor of the genre it invented. Smash Brothers still remains the most popular of its genre, but now there are other relevant players in the platform fighter space who have their own place in the industry and their own consistent player base. One of those is Brawlhalla.

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