Shermie joins the cast of The King of Fighters ALLSTARS.

XV Shermie Joins The King Of Fighters Allstar – GameSpot

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR adds XV Shermie in Latetst Update

  • King of Fighters Allstar 4th Anniversary Festival: Those who log in to the game daily can receive various bonus and in-game rewards.
  • ‘Angel’s Road Trip’ Mini Game: Players can enjoy a mini-game to earn rewards based on their final score.
  • Challenge Dungeon’ Band of Sisters’: The dungeon will be available when the players obtain ‘XV Shermie’ or ‘Lady Choi Bounge.’ ‘Band of Sisters’ Dungeon can be played from stage 1 to 30, and players can get a clear reward once each stage has been cleared.
  • 3 Line Bingo!: Complete 3 rows to achieve bingo and get various rewards.
  • Shermie’s Crafting Event: Collect Shermie’s Coins to craft a BoS Star/Moon Imprint Stone Special Box or special battle cards.
  • Additional Events: Players can participate in events like Event Codex, Rush Dungeon, etc.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR adds XV Shermie (Red Element / Balance Type) as a playable EX fighter. Her fighter attributes include an [Balance Type] Fighter’s ATK increase of 60%. In addition, her Special Skill increases Critical Rate by 15% for 3 seconds upon landing an attack and resets upon landing a Critical Hit. Also, she is immune to Freeze and Petrify. She activates the Standing Spin Kick when attacking targets that can’t be grabbed.

Lady Choi Bounge (Green Element / Defense Type) is also newly added as an EX fighter. Her attributes include a [Extreme] fighter’s ATK increase of 30% and gains Power by 5% when killing an enemy. Her Special Skill includes immunity to Bleed and Fear. When attacked, there is a 30% chance to apply Fear to the attacker for 2 seconds (Cooldown: 14 seconds). Also, when landing a skill [Lower Vain Stab EX], there is a 40% chance to reset Active Skill Cooldown. (Cooldown: 13 seconds).

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