Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight are coming in Melty Blood: Type Lumina somewhere this summer.

Mash Kyrielight & Neco-Arc Freely Joining Melty Blood: Type Lumina This Summer – Noisy Pixel

Neco Arc and Mash From FGO Are Coming To Melty Blood Type Lumina – GamerBraves


Melty Blood: Type Lumina reveals Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight

Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight revealed to be coming ‘this summer’ to Melty Blood: Type Lumina


Neco-Arc is a unique character that disrupts the battlefield with highly-random moves, using a wide variety of tricky moves in battles. Luck is key to victories for her, and she can use powerful moves or summon helpers when it’s on her side! Both her player and opponent will have to adapt to suddenly-shifting circumstances. She has limited reach, so it takes some ingenuity to land attacks on opponents. Battles will come down to playing the field as it becomes more lively with hordes of cats or attacks by her friends. Keep an eye out for her comedic moves, which include lots of humorous elements!

Mash Kyrielight

Mash Kyrielight is an in-fighter who uses her “Round Table Shield” in battles. Mash has a lot of straightforward, simple-to-use moves and standard tools, making her an ideal character for fighting game beginners. Many of her moves involve blocking with her massive shield while charging, making her excel in a battle style that can close gaps and take the offensive even against resistance. Her massive shield is also powerful on the offensive, and has a decent reach. Her moves have various effective distances, making her approach powerful when used properly.

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