2023 will see Marie coming in Skullgirls.

Skullgirls Marie will join the playable roster in 2023

Skullgirls 2nd Encore DLC character Marie announced – Gematsu

10 years of waiting.

As the Skullgirl, she is very destructive. However, unlike past Skullgirls, she demonstrates a much greater will and cares for the innocent. This is seen during Squigly’s story, where she uses all of her strength to save New Meridian and its civilians from the falling debris of the Medici Tower while on her rampage against the infamous Medici mafia. Her selflessness has been acknowledged by Leviathan, who claims Marie’s actions are “Rather curious for a Skullgirl.”

Marie is usually seen to be calm and collected, often speaking with a gentle monotone voice. However, she has an intense hatred for Lorenzo and his empire, often losing her cool when they are around. When she sees Lorenzo fleeing from her assault on their base, she furiously demands that he face her and not ignore the countless lives the Medici have taken over the years before declaring that she will destroy him, thus making it her personal mission to eradicate the Medici for their evil deeds. Marie also mentioned that she only became the Skullgirl to challenge the corruption in their world and realizes there is an even greater monster that binds her to its will.

Marie is also a very determined boss.

Marie hails from an area outside of the Canopy Kingdom known as No Man’s Land, a wasteland that used to be a country but fell during the war with the Canopy Kingdom. Along with her friend Patricia (who would later become the Anti-Skullgirl weapon Peacock), Marie was orphaned during the war and forced into slavery by a group funded by the Medici Mafia.

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