This summer will see game mode improvements and battle adjustments (and two new free fighters) for Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina details summer 2022 update – Gematsu

■ Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight


A very tricky character, with lively controls. Has a lot of funny attacks, with more jokes and references than ever. Requires a lot of practice to win with in versus battles.

Mash Kyrielight

A standard in-fighter with a lot of straightforward moves. Uses her massive shield in a lot of attacks, can close gaps quickly, and often wins hit trades. A good pick for beginners.

(Read more about Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight here.)

■ Planned Battle System Adjustments

Battle System Adjustment Plan

  • General adjustments to increase the level of freedom and allow a more personalized experience
  • Various system control improvements
  • Adjustments to highlight character distinctions
  • Added new moves for characters
  • Keep existing combos usable, and adjust combo system to allow for new combo creation


  • Reexamine Frame values, such as increasing Recovery, and weaken.
  • Reduce Moon Icon gain on successful Shield from two to one.
  • Moon Icons will now gradually deplete when Shield is held.
  • Remove landing recovery when jump attacks are Shielded.
  • Make Mid Attack Blowback Edge B and C unblockable by Crouching Shield (Fatal Counter).
  • Make Blowback Edge Forced Release unblockable by Crouching Shield.
  • Standing Shield against mid Crouching B or C attacks, and Crouching Shield against Standing B or C attacks will now fail and convert to a special Guard.
  • When converted to Guard, Shield Counters cannot be used, the character will take chip damage, and they will lose another Moon Icon (for two total).


  • Neutralization is now prevented when hit with a standard move from the back.
  • Neutralization has been made less likely for powerful moves like Invincible Skills and EX Specials.

Moon Drive and Moon Skills

  • Remove throw invincibility from Moon Drive.
  • Allow repeated Aerial Dashes in the same direction in Moon Drive. (Consecutive aerial dashes in the same direction are not allowed.)
  • Adjustment to make it easier to increase the number of magic circuits when activating moon [8 articles]” href=””>moon skills by eliminating the limit on the number of magic circuits to be increased. (Only major adjustments are excerpted.)

Dash and Aerial Dashes

  • Reduce time until moves or Guard are available after Dashing on the ground.
  • Shorten landing recovery for Aerial Dash.
  • During the fall of an Aerial Dash, it is possible to guard in the air.


  • Make combos with Specials and other easier to use, enable previously-impossible combos.
  • Adjustments have been made to make combos using jump attacks easier.
  • Display combo damage in versus battles Make gauge buildup visible in Training Mode.
  • Enable changes of Rapid Beat input method It also enable modes that allow A+B, turning off the function, and turning off the function only for Aerial versions in addition to the traditional settings.

■ Game Mode Improvements

Network Mode

  • Make ranks more finely divided, and improve ease of matching at player skill levels. (Example: “C” > “C4” / “C3” / “C2” / “C1” / etc.)
  • Revised rank gain calculations for improved playability.
  • Added higher “EX” rank above “S+.”
  • Improved rank change animations.
  • Improved search function for better matching in general.

Replay Mode

  • Added “Slow Motion,” “Frame-by-Frame,” “Pause,” and “Rewind” functions.
  • Added “Next Round” and “Previous Round” jump functions.
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