Sho Kamui is coming to Pocket Bravery.


“Fairly strong… But my fire seems much stronger than yours!” 🔥 Here’s Sho Kamui gameplay trailer!

A young Karate Family who pursues strength, he has a belief that “Fist helps weaknesses” and hates bending. His catch phrase is “A hot-blooded man with a burning soul !!”. If you hear the rumors of Fighter, who is called the strongest, Sho goes everywhere.

Those who remain until the final in the Martial Arts Competition “FIST” Competition will never be heard again. Sho decided to fight the strongest “FIST” tournament organizer when he learned that Lee Taoron, who had scratched his cheek and recognized him as a lifelong rival, would also play.

He is a good young man who can be an orthodox fighter who helps weaknesses and seeks strengths. He is an orthodox character who can be super physically and mentally. The appearance is really Protagonist, such as the batten scratches on the cheeks on the vermilion Karate dogi. He’s just too Protagonist-like and floating, or he’s buried because he’s too dark (especially Pielle Montario).

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