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Four new old faces.

Street Fighter 6 entered the Tokyo Game Show ring and left with multiple knockout reveals worthy of a championship. We revealed details on World Tour where you can create your own avatar and truly customize your Street Fighter 6 experience. Bring that avatar into the Battle Hub and party it up with the community in amusing ways. Iconic World Warriors Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda are punching their tickets into the vibrant roster of playable characters. And finally, get your hands on Street Fighter 6 with the Closed Beta. Learn more about these stadium-sized announcements below!

A lot to do here:

Battle Hub MatchThe match will begin when both you and another player sit down at a battle cabinet. You can go into Training Mode while you wait for a match. You can also spectate while others are playing.
Extreme BattleThe rules and gimmicks of Extreme Battle change every day. You can go into Training Mode while you wait for a match or spectate while others are playing.
Game CenterEnjoy the classics once again in this area. This is single player content that changes daily. You can also spectate while others are playing.

One Battle Hub can host up to 100 players at the same time! Players can use emotes or chat to communicate with each other. Of course, make sure you check the Hub Good Shop to show off your fashion when you’re out on the floor!

There are a host of Arcade Cabinets that you will find in the Battle Hub. Take part in arcade-like Battle Hub matches on cabinets that are placed back-to-back. A match will begin when two players sit on both sides. Having audiences change everything…and turns a mere fight into a thrilling spectacle. Spectate a Battle Hub Match, and bear witness to glory.

Head over to Game Center cabinets to play various Capcom classic arcade games like Street Fighter II and Final Fight where you can also show off your skills to compete with others for a high score!

TournamentsTournament are held periodically. Go to the event counter to enter.
ChallengesComplete various challenges to receive rewards in the form of Drive Tickets.
Hub Goods ShopUse Fighter Coins and Drive Tickets here to obtain gear for your avatar.
Fighter Coins (FC)Provided as a first-time gift during the CBT. Please obtain them through the News section of the Multi-menu.
Drive Ticket (DT)Obtainable by completing challenges or entering events.
DeviceUse your handheld device to change your avatar’s gear and set what emotes to use.
Battle SettingsTurn on Fight Request for Ranked/Casual Match, set up your favorite character, and adjust commentary and other battle-related settings.
Multi MenuAccess Capcom Fighters Network, Rewards (Challenges), News, and Options from this menu.

The avatar creation menu contains several pages of options you can tweak. Choose your avatar’s body type with Height & Proportions, Upper Body, Lower Body, Muscle Definition, Skin Color, and Body Hair. In the Muscle Definition category, you can freely select what your avatar’s body will look like from Shredded, to Built, to Soft, and anywhere in between. 

Then go into even more detail with categories like Hair, Eye Shape, Iris, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, and more! Each of these categories then contains a multitude of sliders that can change your avatar with the finest detail – we’re talking cheek depth, jaw length, and even creating an ombre effect with your avatar’s hair! 

You can also change your avatar’s Gear so they always have the latest drip as they’re roaming the world. Visit shops to buy Gear for your wardrobe so you can strut the latest fashion trends or stick to your own style. You can check and change which styles you’re using and what Gear you have equipped via the Gear section of the Status menu. Categories include Head Gear, Upper Body Gear, Lower Body Gear, Foot Gear, and Gear Sets. But gear isn’t just for looks. Different gear affects your strength and stats, so be on the lookout for which ones work best.


Shown in our trailer revealed at Tokyo Game Show, Extreme Battle is a new addition to Fighting Ground which adds fun and unexpected parameters to your matches. Each Extreme Battle contains a Rule and a Gimmick. A Rule is the conditions that must be met to win the match. For example, you can set the Rule to “First to get five knockdowns wins!” A Gimmick on the other hand, adds an extra layer of delight. Examples are a stampeding bull that runs through the level and deals damage, a Met from Mega Man that can shock you, and more wacky surprises to amp up the excitement and challenge in Street Fighter 6. This is a mode for those who want something different from the usual fights. If you want to survive in the world of extreme battling, luck is every bit as important as technique!

Two more commentators:

Finally, two more commentators were added to the Real Time Commentary feature: Kosuke Hiraiwa and H.E.Demon Kakka. Kosuke Hiraiwa is a well-known esports caster who lends his expertise and professionalism to Street Fighter 6. H.E.Demon Kakka is the lead singer of Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-II. While they will commentate your matches in Japanese, there will be accompanying English subtitles on the screen if they are selected.

A closed beta too!

Get Ready!

The aim of the closed beta test is for us to monitor the play experience of participants, identify any potential issues, and then address them in order to improve the quality of the game.
As such, it is possible that errors may occur during the test that cause the game to freeze or close during gameplay.
The test sessions will use a version of the game still in development. As a result, we cannot guarantee a smooth gameplay experience. Please bear all of this in mind when taking part in the test.

A survey for feedback to be shared with the development and operation teams will be sent out to everyone who participates in the closed beta test.
We would really appreciate if all of the closed beta test participants answer the survey as fully as possible.
Note: Please understand that not all requests and suggestions provided through the survey will be implemented.

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