Teaser Trailer for Rick in MultiVersus.

Rick is said to be a Ranged character who has expertise in attacking enemies from a distance; both of the roles fit the characters well. The Special moves of Rick and Morty in MultiVersus are yet to be released, but they will surely be pretty exciting as well.

The primary information about Rick and Morty in MultiVerus reveals that Morty is most likely to be an expert in long to mid-range attacks, having possessions of throwables such as mines and grenades. On the other hand, Rick will be more efficient in close-quarter fights where he can show his skills through quick melee attacks and fast movements.


Rick and Morty are companions that always stay together. So, considering that in mind, the developers have assigned their roles in the game respectively. One is good in close-ranged combats, while the other dominates the battlefield through its ranged abilities. Together, Rick and Morty make a perfect combo in MultiVersus.

Rick will be equipped with a large Portal Weapon, which will enable him to distract the opponents with his portal opening abilities. He might also take assistance from Mr. Meeseeks in his fights by spawning him through opening a portal.

On the other hand, Morty may not have advanced gadgets along with him, but his Bruiser abilities will make him a deadly close-range fighter. He can assert dominance on his opponents through his quick and heavy attacks, which will deal massive damage upon a successful hit.

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