Rick Sanchez IS AVAILABLE, and XP is nerfed..

MultiVersus Season 1.03 update patch notes released

Update: Rick Sanchez now available in MultiVersus

MultiVersus patch notes include longer level-ups with XP nerf – Polygon

Rick Sanchez joins MultiVersus! Wubba Lubba! I don’t know I still haven’t watched it – Destructoid

MultiVersus Update 1.03 Massively Nerfs XP and Progression

According to the patch notes from developer Player First Games, the XP requirements for progressing from level 3 to level 15 have been doubled. The developer says that it’s making the change because it felt that players were progressing through the levels too quickly, and it wanted to “make it a bit more of a journey.”

MultiVersus Update 1.03 Patch Notes


  • Rick Sanchez joins MultiVersus! Rick is a new Mage character who joins the roster.
  • The XP required to go from level 3 – 15 on the character mastery track has been doubled
  • We found that players could reach level 15 of the mastery track too quickly. This is to help us make it a bit more of a journey.
  • Loading performance improvements for PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The first free character after completing the intro tutorial has switched to Shaggy from Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman can now be purchased for gold or shine.
  • Attack extinction steps have been added to the intro tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue in Coop-Versus-AI that caused only Wonder Woman and Reindog bots to appear.
  • Fixed a bug where some players could not equip profile icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would occasionally freeze at the end of the game screen.

Twitch extension

  • Minor visual bug fixes
  • Added ‘Fighter Voting’ that allows broadcasters to poll their audience on which fighter to play, viewers with MultiVersus get bonus votes.
  • Added the ability for viewers who have MultiVersus to claim free toast from Twitch channels running the extension.

Anti-infinite combo system

  • We’ve implemented a new anti-infinite combo system that will destroy all subsequent attacks if the same attack has been used 4 or more times in the same real combo. The goal is to put a global soft cap on infinite combos and make combos more creative. We hope the change prompts players to explore new and more exciting combo routes.
  • We thought the maximum number of the same attack was 3, but we wanted to evaluate the change more slowly. We are going to evaluate the change and are open to feedback on how we can improve the system!
  • The option to choose between 4 directions or 8 directions for the right joystick control (c-stick) has been added to the settings menu.

Projectile Systems

  • We will continue to update projectile systems in this patch. The most notable addition is the inclusion of a new “Light Projectile” rating for projectiles that have no recoil. The only light projectiles in the game for now are Rick’s unloaded blaster and the pies fired by the Neptr auxiliary item.
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