Brawlhalla launches Tezca

Brawlhalla Reveals a New Legend, Tezca | DashFight

New Legend & Weapon: Tezca Enters the Ring With His Battle Boots! – Patch 7.02 – Brawlhalla

The game developers announced this new weapon during Brawlhalla World Championship 2022. It was pretty obvious that Battle Boots do not come alone — the community waited for a Legend who could use them to destroy their opponents in platformer fights. Well, here this character is! His name is Tezca.

¡El Jaguar Pone Las Reglaaaasss! Introducing Tezca, the Luchador, a master showman who revels in the Tournament. From wrestling in packed arenas all over the world by day, to vigilante hero by night. Tezca uses the supernatural powers from his connection to The Jaguar Mask to fight evil forces who would oppress his people, and his enemies in the ring. He is the 57th new Legend to permanently join the roster.

Tezca enters the Grand Tournament with his Clawhold Gauntlets and introduces a new Weapon: Battle Boots! A high mobility Weapon for stringing together multiple attacks, Battle Boots also utilize Active Inputs to control your Legend’s position after striking your opponent. 

The holly jolliest time of the year is upon us! Brawlhallidays 2022 begins next Wednesday, December 21st. Also, get ready to begin a new quest for Glory when Ranked Season 27 starts on January 11th.

And that’s just the beginning. Patch 7.02 also introduces an early preview of the new Challenges feature, end of match fanfare, new achievements, bug fixes, game improvements & more!

  • Tezca – “The Luchador”
  • Weapons: Gauntlets, Battle Boots
  • Stats: 7 Strength, 5 Dexterity, 5 Defense, 5 Speed
  • “In a night of waking dreams, Tezca learned of his true family history, of the ancient Jaguar Kingdom, of his destiny, and of The Jaguar Mask. He returned with a new identity and a new purpose…”
  • “He saved the world at least twice. Once, when he thwarted his beloved luchador sister Chel, who learned of their divine bloodline, but used her newfound powers to try to restore the Jaguar Kingdom, at terrible cost.”

Tezca enters with 3 new Skins:

  • Talk of the Town Tezca – “¿Te faltan pantalones?”
  • Ocēlōtl Tezca – “Champion of our Lord, the Night, the Wind, the Conjuror.”
  • Chel – “A dangerous & unpredictable rival.”
    • Chel features custom lock-in animations, a unique roster portrait, and announcer VO!
  • Battle Boots are the newest Weapon to emerge from Ulgrim’s legendary forge. They’re entering the Grand Tournament worn by Tezca, which he’s dubbed his Patadas Voladoras!
  • Battle Boots are a high mobility Weapon for stringing together multiple attacks.
  • All directional light attacks have Active Input variations to control your Legend’s position after striking your opponent.
  • Tezca is the first Legend to use Battle Boots in Valhalla but not the last! Just like every Weapon, more Legends equipped with Battle Boots will be released in the future.
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