Athena from KOF’ 98 will soon have her Bishoujo statue.

SNK美少女 麻宮アテナ —THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98— | フィギュア | KOTOBUKIYA

Athena Asamiya rejoint la gamme Bishoujo Statue, 17 Décembre 2022 – Manga news

Athena Asamiya, let's go!

From the fighting game "The King of fighters '98", the eternal high school girl idol "Athena Asamiya" who fights against evil for world peace finally joins the BISHOUJO series!

Illustrator Shunya Yamashita draws her, who belongs to the Psycho Soldier team and is the only female character to appear in a game and win a perfect attendance award. Komoku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX), the sculptor, has created a gorgeous three-dimensional figure of the KOF '98 costume, which combines spats with Kenpogi and Chinese style uniforms.
The pedestal reproduces the deck of the "Ferry" from the Chinese stage, which is the home of the Psycho Soldier team in "KOF '98".

In addition to this figure, jump into the KOF world that is widely deployed on consoles, smartphones, PCs, etc. and immerse yourself in its charm.
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