Street Fighter 2: Pocky Edition is back with Shinkiro’s official artwork.

Glico Pocky K.O. Challenge

【ポッキー】『ストII』コラボが11月29日よりスタート。限定パッケージ版を買うと『ストリートファイターII ポッキーエディション』が遊べる! | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com

Street Fighter 2: Pocky Edition ‘releasing’ this month to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary

In this project, the original game "Street Fighter II POCKY EDITION" that can be played by purchasing a limited package Pocky and accessing the campaign site will appear. You can enjoy "Storm II" only here with special rules implemented.

In addition, on December 6th (Tuesday), Hidetaka Kano's YouTube channel "EIKO! GO!!" will release a video of the collaboration game of this project.
In this project, from Tuesday, November 29, 2022, we will sell the collaboration limited package “Pocky” and develop the original game “Street Fighter II POCKY EDITION” based on “Street Fighter II”. You can play the original game "Street Fighter II POCKY EDITION" on your computer or smartphone by purchasing the limited package "Pocky" and entering the password on the package on the campaign site. In this game, you can challenge "Pocky K.O." to "K.O."
In addition, on December 6th (Tuesday), Mr. Hidetaka Kano released a game commentary video of playing this game while eating "Pocky" on his official YouTube channel "EIKO! GO !!" We plan to introduce how to enjoy K.O.

The collaboration between the well-known "Pocky" and "Street Fighter" is a project that people of all ages can enjoy and enjoy.

We believe that e-sports contributes to the mental health of those involved in watching sports, as well as watching sports, and in anticipation of its great potential, we have been implementing the "Pocky K.O." collaboration project since 2019. Through this initiative, we will spread the “Pocky” brand message “Share happiness!” and support the further activation of the e-sports community.
You can enjoy "Street Fighter II POCKY EDITION" in a nostalgic arcade cabinet. Details will be updated on the campaign site as needed.
What is the special rule "Pocky K.O."
A special rule unique to this collaboration, "Pocky K.O.", is to "K.O." the opponent with "your physical strength gauge set to the "ratio of Pocky's chocolate and pretzel"." If you succeed in "Pocky K.O.", it will be treated as "two round wins" and you will be able to see a special ending.

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