Street Fighter: Duel, available to pre-register.

Street Fighter: Duel – Applications sur Google Play

Street Fighter: Duel Mobile RPG Game – Crunchyroll Games

Crunchyroll – Street Fighter: Duel Enters the Ring from Capcom, Crunchyroll Games

Crunchyroll Games Launches Street Fighter: Duel RPG for Smartphones in February – News – Anime News Network

Street Fighter : Duel

What is Street Fighter?There’s Always Someone StrongerStreet Fighter can be summed up in one phrase, “There’s Always Someone Stronger.”The series and its history is built upon the glorious victories and stunning defeats of its characters and players.

In Street Fighter: DuelEveryone’s favorite fighters are back!

An astonishing conspiracy is about to be revealed! Join Ryu and Ken on their journey to the Fighting Tournament, and take this adventure. Clear the missions, and become the strongest!

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