Street Fighter VR?!

Footage of a new Street Fighter virtual reality game has surfaced

STREET FIGHTER VR – シャドルー強化計画:株式会社カプコン

Macabre Monster sur Twitter : “This is wild Steet Fighter VR was announced today?! Developed by Grounding Inc (Yukio Futatsugi’s Studio) #streetfightervr” / Twitter

Street Fighter VR Announced with Location Test at Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store : Games

VR空間で身体を動かして波動拳を放てる! 「ストリートファイターVR シャドルー強化計画」をロケテストに先がけて体験してきた

Today (February 17, 2023), Capcom announced the "Street Fighter VR Shadaloo Enhancement Plan" and started a location test at the Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store. This work is a new VR attraction where you can enjoy the fighting battle of the "Street Fighter" series in a VR space. This time, I had the opportunity to play this work before the operation, so I will introduce the overview with impressions.
The player will be a low-ranking soldier of Shadaloo, an evil secret society familiar from the "Street Fighter" series. Players who are trained in combat using a simulator will fight Ryu, Zangief, and Vega one after another in virtual space.

In the tutorial immediately after the start of play, players will practice what actions they can take. In this work, if you pull your fist slightly and then thrust it out, you'll say "punch", if you pull your fist a lot and then throw a punch, you'll say "strong punch", and if you hold both fists in front of your face, you'll say "guard". In addition, the actual movement of the player himself is reflected in the game.
While guarding, it is possible to block attacks other than the opponent's throwing techniques. In addition, there is no distinction between standing guard and crouching guard in this work.
In addition, players can unleash the special moves "Hadoken" and "Shoryuken" that are synonymous with Street Fighter. The Hadoken is a technique that consumes the skill gauge that accumulates when you attack the opponent or successfully guard, and is activated by pulling both fists back and then thrusting forward. Also, when the skill gauge is at MAX, pull both fists back and store them a little, then push forward to become a "vacuum wave fist".
Shoryuken is activated by pulling the fist down a little and then pushing it up. It is also possible to hit the opponent with a Shoryuken, blow it backwards in the sky, bounce against the wall, and hit the opponent who has returned.
The main part of the game has a stage system, and you fight three people in the order of Ryu, Zangief, and Vega. The rules are the same as the "Street Fighter" series, if you attack and reduce the opponent's life to zero within the time limit, you win. Conversely, if your life becomes zero, you lose.
While playing, of course, the opponent will also use techniques. For example, Ryu shoots Hadouken and Shoryuken just like the player, and Zangief uses screw pile drivers and double lariat. When the fist mark is displayed against such an opponent, you can throw a strong punch, or when the opponent jumps, aim for Shoryuken as you progress through the game.
When you actually play it, this work is an action game that is more intuitive than you can imagine. If you think "because the fist mark came out ..." "because the opponent jumped ...", etc., it is not uncommon for the attack to fail due to a delay of one tempo.

Also, strong punches and Shoryuken won't work well unless you move your body with a lot of feeling. It also increases the immersive feeling, so I would like to recommend moving with a sense of overaction.
At first, he was unable to attack well due to his small movements, so I asked the staff to show me a model, but he guarded against the opponent's attacks without difficulty, and on the contrary, he easily landed strong punches and Hadouken. I didn't do any particularly difficult actions, so the difficulty is high, and I don't think I'll choose who to play.
What's interesting is that in the well-known "Street Fighter" series, you see the fighting characters from the side, but in this work you face them head-on. The Hadoken that Ryu shoots also flies from the front, so it's fresh in a way that Ryu can't be seen behind the Hadoken.

Another point is that Vega's dialogue during the game changes according to the play situation. The lines are newly recorded by voice actor Norio Wakamoto, so be sure to check them out.
In addition, depending on the play situation, the result of each stage will be ranked in 9 stages, and the Shinku Hadouken will level up. It has been subjected. If you are interested, be sure to visit the store where this work is installed.
■ Stores with "Street Fighter VR Shadaloo Enhancement Plan"

-Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store (developed at the "VR-X" corner in the store)
"VR-X" business hours: 11:00-22:00 (last reception 21:30)

Store official website:

Number of players: 1
Duration: about 25 minutes
Play fee: 1200 yen
Others: Operates as a location test from February 17, 2023 at Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store

●MIRAINO AEON MALL Toyokawa store (developed at the "VR-X" corner in the store)
"VR-X" business hours: 10:00-21:00 (last reception 20:30)
Number of players: 1
Duration: about 25 minutes
Play fee: 1200 yen
Others: MIRAINO Aeon Mall Toyokawa store is scheduled to open on April 4, 2023
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