Spectre gameplay reveal trailer and 20th April 2023 on the Nintendo Switch.

Spectre gameplay reveal trailer shown off for DNF Duel, Season Pass detailed

DNF DUEL Season Pass roadmap announced – Gematsu

「DNF Duel」,第1弾DLCキャラクターとして,抜刀術で広い範囲を薙ぎ払う女鬼剣士「ブレイド」の参戦を発表。プロモーションムービーも公開

DNF Duel Fighting Game Reveals Season Pass Release This Summer, Switch Release in April – News – Anime News Network

Upcoming Switch Fighter DNF Duel Announces Season Pass Roadmap | Nintendo Life

DNF Duel DLC Roadmap Revealed – Siliconera

The top-secret experiments carried out in the De Los Empire birthed much sacrifice. The loss of many young boys and girls forced to be experimented on after being separated from their families was especially felt, further accentuated by the failure of the Metastasis experiments.

Many lives were lost, being swept away by leaked Metastasis energy or from experiment facility explosions. The children who managed to survive were eaten by beasts that were Metastasized from Pandemonium, or killed in the hunt by soldiers after escaping by chance.

Even so, some survived. These children were able to hide with the help of the Imperial Knight Captain Crowell, who loathed the wrongdoings of the Empire, and spread out into Arad to start their own lives or while vowing revenge upon the Empire.

Some children trained profusely in Imperial swordsmanship to create their own swordfighting techniques, and fought against the Empire.
Some children made pacts with entities called blade demons to wield demonic swords and walked down the path of vengeance.
Some children suppressed the energies of Metastasis, creating a school of their own kind which practiced the techniques and dual-blade swordsmanship learned during their wandering travels.
And some children became the envoys of the god of death, striving to erase the Empire’s name in shadow.

Among these children was a girl.

This girl saw the paths the others took, but took none for herself.
Whichever way she went, she knew she could not get the revenge she so wanted.
The girl watched till the very last child left.
Then, clasping the broken sword that was the last gift of the benefactor who’d fallen before her very eyes, she vanished silently.

To find her own path.

To find her own revenge.

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The full roadmap is as follows:

  • Summer 2023
    • New Character Spectre
    • New Awakening System
    • New System
  • Fall 2023
    • New Character
  • Winter 2023
    • New Character
    • New Stage
  • 2024
    • New Character
    • New Character
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