The latest character is Bedman? Guilty Gear -Strive-

Next Guilty Gear Strive DLC Character is Delilah and ‘Bedman?’

Guilty Gear -Strive- Fighting Game Adds ‘Bedman?’ as 8th DLC Character – News – Anime News Network

『ギルティギア ストライヴ』新規プレイアブルキャラ“ベッドマン?”4月6日配信。ブリジット、シン=キスクに続くシーズンパス2による追加 | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com

Guilty Gear: Strive DLC character Bedman? annnounced, Season 3 planned – Niche Gamer

Bedman? announced for Guilty Gear Strive, Asuka R. Kreuz seemingly teased

Bedman was a technical trickster first playable in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- who ultimately lost his life. Using his machine bed, Bedman’s strategy was to frustrate and confuse opponents, stay evasive to find openings, and enforce deadly blows using an arsenal of automated techniques. Following his death, Bedman’s bed continues to act independently during Guilty Gear -Strive- through the program he entered in his last moments. The now reawakened Delilah descends into the real world through the Absolute World created by Bedman in his dying moments and recovers her brother’s bed. Now Delilah’s protector, the bed (“Bedman?”) is always at her side.


■ Name: Bedman?

■ Height: 272cm

■ Weight: 621kg

■ Blood type: None

■ Date of birth: unknown

■ Birthplace: Unknown

■ Hobbies: Unknown

■ Important thing: Dililah (I think)

■ Dislikes: Any person or thing that harms Dilila

■ Affiliation: Unknown

■ Weapon: None

A bed that was programmed by Bedman at the time of his death so that it still operates independently after his death. After playing a role in stopping Dilila’s rampage, it was recovered by her. He mainly acts to protect Dilila. Although it is capable of simple communication, complex communication such as answering and accumulating daily memories is not possible.


■ Name: Dilira (Delilah)

■ Height: 156cm

■Weight: 45kg

■ Blood type: A type

■Date of birth: March 16

■ Birthplace: Unknown

■ Hobbies: Creating geometric patterns for the paths of ant lines, and secretly writing 20,000-character picture diaries by staying up late

■ Important Thing: Umeken, a bed that feels her brother’s presence

■ Dislikes: Housework in general, waking up early

■ Affiliation: None

■ Weapons: Sit down with your head down, walk behind silently, quibble Bedman’s younger sister.

She has the same peculiar constitution as her brother, and her innate thinking ability is too high, so she can only act through her dreams, but she can move through the absolute definite world activated by Bedman’s last power. landed in the real world. She has intentionally had her normal abilities reduced (unaware of this by Dililah herself) as a measure to anchor her body in the real world. Her brother’s bed is always by her side, providing her with excessive protection. While she possesses great power and exceptional thinking ability, she is ignorant of general world affairs and the subtleties of other people’s emotions, and she herself is very aware of this. She also realizes that she lacks experience in interacting with others, but she is impatient for her age because she can’t keep up with emotions because she is young for her age.

The staff also revealed that they are developing a third season pass for the game.

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