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Smash Bros. has a spirit event for Street Fighter’s 35th anniversary.

Evil Ryu!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tags Street Fighter for Evil Ryu spirit event

In the Street Fighter Alpha games, Evil Ryu is cold and conceited and is obsessed with fighting in order to prove he is the strongest. In Super Street Fighter IV, he is a more demonic and murderous-driven being; while his anger is not mindless, he has purged all traces of his former honorable self and shows sociopathic traits even more so than the likes of M. Bison. He enjoys absolute power, and lacks any sort of empathy or respect, and despises what he perceives as weakness from all of humanity, such as love, family, justice and vengeance. He is also extremely brutal towards other fighters in general, especially to those that oppose him. Interestingly, his prefight and win quotes against Ken indicates that he still retains a minor degree of politeness to his former friend (as opposed to the brutal and vicious statements he makes to everyone else, including Gouken).

Evil Ryu also refers to himself as heartless and nothing more but a demon and will seek out and murder any opponent in a fight, regardless of their age and condition. He displays a very dangerous bloodlust, even borderline sadism and ritualistic belligerence that almost borders on cannibalism, as seen in many of his prefight and win quotes.

The event — which kicks off tomorrow, January 14 — will see the nefarious Evil Ryu appear as part of a time-limited Spirit Battle. Naturally, as one of the greatest and strongest fighters on the planet, Evil Ryu is rocking a four-star “Legendary” status, so Smash Bros. players will have to bring their A-game if they wish to topple the Satsui no Hado-infused master and claim his “spirit” for their collection — a spirit that surpasses even Akuma himself in terms of offensive capability.

It seems that VOICES are coming in a soon future in Nickelodeon All-Star brawl. (and some others features).

 • Latest free DLC character will be coming to the game pretty soon
 • A bunch of characters and stages in the works
 • Crossplay will be available on Q1 2022
 • We’ve HEARD your requests, you’ll be HEARING from us soon 😎— Thaddeus Crews (@Repiteo) December 16, 2021

Voice Acting confirmed for Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl

‘A bunch of characters’ currently in development for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, developers hint at addition of voice acting

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Appears Set To Add Crossplay and Voice Acting In Upcoming Updates – IGN

Probably thanks to the incoming release of the game: Multiversus .. with voives inside! But it’s a start.

Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma (Gouki) are coming in Brawlhalla, they’re everywhere..

One top of the skins, Brawlhalla is also adding a new Street Brawl mode that changes the game into a more traditional 2D fighting game with health bars and walls for stages.

A new map based on the Suzaku Castle stage is dropping for the collaboration for the same time as well.

Street Fighter’s Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma announced for Brawlhalla crossover

MultiVersus brings good online and VOICES!!! DAMN THEY INCLUDE VOICES, take this Nickelodeon..

In addition to Conroy playing the Caped Crusader, Maisie Williams will be voicing Arya Stark, John DiMaggio will voice Jake the Dog, Matthew Lillard will voice Shaggy, Tara Strong will voice Harley Quinn, George Newbern will voice Superman, Jeremy Shada will voice Finn, Eric Bauza will voice Tom, Jerry, and Buggs Bunny, Abby Trott will voice Wonder Woman, Estelle will voice Garnet, and Daniel Divinere will voice Steven Universe.

Could be good as a FTP but let’s wait for the season pass…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster with their official artworks is weird but cool, you won’t recognize some of them.

Mat 🦆 sur Twitter : “the finished smash ultimate roster but every character uses one of their first official artworks” / Twitter

Sora is finally here!

and with interesting skins:

Sora is a Keyblade wielder from the Destiny Islands where he, along with his childhood friends Riku and Kairi, dreamed of venturing away to find out what lies beyond their home.

Sora is the original persona of his own Heartless and Roxas, the source of Xion‘s memories, and the carrier of Ventus‘s heart.

Sora’s primary partners are Donald and Goofy and have been on a journey to search for King Mickey throughout the franchise of Kingdom Hearts games.

Toph revealed for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Toph Beifong is an earthbending master, one of the most powerful of her time, and the discoverer of metalbending. Blind since birth, Toph was constantly treated condescendingly because of her visual impairment, particularly by her overprotective parents, Lao and Poppy Beifong. Upon discovering badgermoles, earthbending animals who are also blind, she learned how to use earthbending as an extension of her senses. This gave her the ability to “see” every vibration that passes through the ground.

Having developed her own unique style of earthbending, Toph acquired a toughened personality and became famous for winning underground earthbending tournaments under the alias “The Blind Bandit”, doing so behind her parents’ backs. Although initially uninterested in directly aiding the war effort, she eventually chose to leave behind her old life, and travel with AvatarAang and his friends as his earthbending teacher, when her parents finally became unbearable for her. Toph’s total mastery over earthbending, unique personality, and thoughtful pragmatism made her a valuable addition to the team.

After Republic City‘s formation, Toph became the city’s first Chief of Police, forming the Metalbending Police Force to help maintain order.She had two daughters with two different men: Lin, who succeeded her as Chief of Police, and Suyin, who created the metal city of Zaofu. Toph eventually set out to roam the world in search of enlightenment before settling down in the Foggy Swamp.