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Luke showcase: Street Fighter V Champion Edition.

Capcom announced today Luke is the fifth character for Street Fighter V Season 5 and the final combatant to be added into the game.

The announcement was made during the last minutes of the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 presentation. SFV producer Shuhei Matsumoto and director Takayuki Nakayama said the new character “will be expanding the world of SF.” According to Nakayama, “SFV has been developed to pay homage to the past, but Luke will give us a glimpse into the future.”

“Luke is a fighter that specializes in moving fast and hitting hard, so opponents will need to be on high alert and brace for impact. More backstory information and gameplay details will be shared leading up to Luke’s November 2021 release,” says the press release.

With Luke, there will be a total of 45 fighters.

Before the reveal of Luke, most of the video focused on Oro (from SFIII) and Akira (Rival Schools). Both Oro and Akira will make their debut on August 16.

Check out the following screenshots, character art and video of the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 presentation. The Luke trailer starts at 31:27 minutes in the video.

Luke is the final character for Street Fighter V – El Mundo Tech

Daigo vs. Tokido SFV in stop motion.


The Ryu mirror match that took place between BST|Daigo Umehara and Rohto|Tokido during Red Bull Kumite 2016 was one to remember for Street Fighter 5 fans. Back then, Ryu was considered to be a top tier. Even Tokido used Ryu as his main in 2016 as Akuma wasn’t a playable character at the time.

To celebrate this epic match and to highlight that Red Bull Kumite 2021 will be kicking off on November 13-14, Red Bull Gaming has teamed up with counter656 to recreate the feeling of watching that match up play out. Thanks to the incredibly talented counter656, we can now observe Ryu taking on Ryu in this epic new stop-motion animation.

As one might expect, this ended up requiring a lot of work on the part of counter656. To create this animation, it required 30 days to build, shoot and edit the stop-motion battle.

Coins for Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary Series and Street Fighter Characters Bullion Series are available and expensive.

2021 Street Fighter Coins – LPM Exclusive New Releases

Buy Street Fighter II | LPM

While the pre-order prices actually fluctuate depending on the price of the precious metals on the market, the most expensive pieces of currency are currently $19,854 HK ($2,550 USD) for the number one certificate of authenticity.

Gold coins without the certificate are around $16,335 HK ($2,100 USD) with only 50 being produced total in gold.

Luckily, silver is much more reasonably priced at $239 HK ($30 USD) with a production of 5,000, so Street Fighter mega fans can still get their hands on one without breaking the bank.

Oddly, these coins are also apparently official currency for the country of Fiji at $10 for gold or 50 cents for silver though I don’t know why you’d ever want to spend one.

Falcon costume from Power Stone in SFVCE available for Ken

Hailing from the town of Londo, Edward Falcon is the scion of the prestigious Falcon family and an adventurer that circles the world in his beloved “Hockenheim” airplane, searching for the Power Stones revealed in an ancient family legend. With a strong sense of justice, he specializes in boxing and vanquishes evil with sharp moves and explosive punches.

In his ending, “Endless Adventure”, Falcon finally finds the Power Stone in Avalon Is., but the place begins to collapse. His father Pride rescues him with his plane, but Falcon accidentally drops the stone and blames his father’s “lousy piloting” for it. Falcon swears that one day he will return and obtain the Power Stone again.

In Power Stone 2, Falcon was in a transatlantic journey to Londo with the Hockenheim when a sudden thunderstorm makes him lose control and a flying castle appears. Falcon is certain that this is the ancient mysterious castle said by his father to appear once in a while, and can’t wait to see it as he was starting to get bored.