Video game developer, illustrator, musician, composer and voice actor. Not bad!! He created Guilty Gear just for you to know it, character design and audio, even some voices..

Aspect of Guilty GearMusical Reference
Sol BadguyReference to Freddie Mercury’s album Mr. Bad Guy. Sol Badguy’s real name is also Freddie.
Ky KiskeNamed after Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske from the band Helloween. Ky’s moves Ride the Lightning and Rising Force are named after Metallica and *Yngwie Malmsteen albums.
DizzyNamed after Guns ‘n’ Roses member Darren ‘Dizzy’ Reed.
I-NoNamed after Brian Eno. Also inspired by Japanese musician Shiina Ringo.
Jam KuradoberiReference to the Swedish band Cloudberry Jam.
A.B.ANamed after Swedish band ABBA.
JohnnyNamed after Queen member John Deacon.
MayNamed after Queen member Brian May.
Chipp ZanuffNamed after Chip Z’nuff, vocalist for the band Enuff Z’ Nuff.
Millia RageNamed after the band Meliah Rage. The attacks Iron Savior, Iron Maiden,Emerald Rain, Silent Force, and Winger are also all named after bands.
SlayerNamed after the band Slayer. Has moves named after Queen songs (Under Pressure, Spread Your Wings, All Dead and It’s Late.
ZappaNamed after Frank Zappa.
VenomNamed after the band Venom.
TestamentNamed after the band Testament. His moves Grave Digger and Warrant are also named after bands. The attack Master of Puppets is named after a Metallica album. The attack Seventh Sign is named after the Yngwi Malmsteen song of the same name.
“Heaven or Hell” before each fightNamed after a Gamma Ray song
“Slash” after every K.O.Named after Guns ‘N’ Roses member Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson
Guilty Gear X [BY YOUR SIDE “G.GEAR”]Named after Black Crowes album, By Your Side
The song The Midnight CarnivalInspired by the X Japan song Kurenai.

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