Hanzo Steinbach

Hans Steinbach (Hanzo) is a German comic book artist, born in Damascus, Syria to a German father and a Syrian mother. He draws in a contemporary/gothic manga style. He has had no formal training as an artist, but has an elegant style that has been formed through being raised travelling around the world with his family. Hans has lived in Syria, Canada, Marseille, France, Bonn, Germany, Beirut, Lebanon, Ankara, Turkey, Montreal, Quebec and most recently Beverly Hills, California.

I have worked for Emerald City Games on the game Lionheart Tactics as a character designs and illustrator. I’ve done costume designs for Capcom’s Street Fighter IV in collaboration with Udon Entertainment. I have also done weapon designs for Scalebound(cancelled) and Nier Automata for Platinum Games.
Currently a freelance illustrator for Udon Entertainment.

ArtStation – Hans”Hanzo” Steinbach

Hans’Hanzo’Steinbach (@HeavyMetalHanzo) / Twitter

HeavyMetalHanzo – Professional, General Artist | DeviantArt

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