The first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is a prequel to the original game, explaining the background stories of several characters from the series and demonstrating their reasons for participating in the upcoming tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, on which the first game was based. The episodes are nonlinear with minimal continuity and each devoted to the story of a specific character or characters. The second season covers the tournament itself.

The series features one or two-part episodes focusing on one character or a group of characters each. The episodes detail the origin stories of many popular MK characters, the events more or less following the established canon, with dramatic changes to some details. Contrary to the ultra-real, gritty, crime-story tone seen in MK: Rebirth, Legacy is more Tancharoen’s take on the established storyline, including much of the east-Asian inspired mysticism and fantasy elements present in the games (except episode 6, where Tancharoen recreated his own vision from Rebirth). The characters also follow the aspects and storylines of their videogame counterparts much more closely than the interpretations seen in Rebirth

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