Rob Porter

My name’s Rob. I’m a professional illustrator, concept artist, and game developer. I’ve done work primarily for UDON Entertainment, and through them, worked with various companies such as Capcom, Marvel, and Namco-Bandai.

I’m also the co-creator and developer of the indie action RPG Cryamore, lead by my company NostalgiCO and being published by Atlus USA. I handle a huge brunt of the tasks, such as art direction, design, and programming. The game is still in development.

On the side, I also work on various projects to stay afloat. Currently I’m working with Sony Pictures Animation on the return of The Boondocks with Aaron McGruder as a visual development artist and character designer.

As far as my inspirations go, my major passion is video games. Fighting games and JRPGs are in my blood. The 90s era shaped a large part of who I am, as I’m a huge Capcom, Nintendo, and SquareSoft enthusiast. I also enjoy comics (western and manga alike), anime, and sculptures & figures. And one of my favorite pastimes is illustrating beautiful women and sexy pinups of characters.

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