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Kunimitsu Joins Tekken 7

Kunimitsu Joins Tekken 7 Game as Part of 4th Season Pass – News – Anime News Network

Battle balance updates, new moves for all characters, Tekken Prowess, and online play enhancements, that is coming soon. Real soon, this next spring. Kunimitsu is a very enigmatic character, speaking few words and revealing little of her personality. However, it can be deduced from her actions when she part of the Manji Clan that she is a cold, selfish person with a greed for riches and valuables. Despite this, Kunimitsu does not seem to be completely heartless, as she seems to have a fondness for her grandfather who, in turn, was welcoming to her after she returned from her time spent with the Manji Clan. It is implied that her daughter looks up to her, as her daughter goes after Yoshimitsu after learning of Kunimitsu’s pursuit of his sword long ago.

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Tekken 7 Season Pass 4

New moves, new fighters? and all the usual but the best part that should be in every fighting games, you can see if the opponnent is playing with a wired or a Wi-Fi connection and accept it or not, why the hell it’s not on each and every fighting games right now.